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What Influences your Mind-Body Connection ?
Everyone is unique and this uniqueness must be understood and treated with a strategy that will enhance one's ability to take control of his/her life. The brain function depends on internal and external communication: the receipt, transmission, storage, and interpretation of information (sounds, odors, feelings, visions and taste). It receives messages from several sources, each dealing with separate types of information. Input dealing with everyday matters such as news, music, jobs, relationships, weather etc., comes from the external environment. Our own bodies provide data concerning movement, digestion, tension, pain and even our own thoughts, all in the form of message units sent to the brain.

Considering everything the brain does, how can this relatively small mass of tissue possibly be the source of our personalities, dreams, thoughts, sensations, utterances, and movements? The brain, nervous system, and muscles are obeying servants of information placed in the brain. But the ability of your body and brain to manifest the desired self-image depends upon its indelibility. It must be tattooed on the brain. With such a strong image of ourselves and the desired behavioral patterns, it would be difficult not to live out and manifest all our objectives. Instead of just 'having goals', we become them.

You can control your beliefs, emotions, feelings and even your physiological functions, such as strengthening the immune system - having a focus, a direction and the determination to enrich your life is the first step.

Everything that goes on inside your body and every interaction you have with the outside world involves feedback and interpretative processes which depend on the brain for internal and external action. It allows you to cope masterfully with your everyday environment. It is capable of producing breathtaking athletic feats, sublime works of art, and profound scientific insights. It also produces the enormous range of emotional responses that can take us from the depths of depression to the heights of euphoria.

At the turn of the 20th century, the leading causes of death after cardiovascular diseases were infectious germs (e.g., influenza, pneumonia, tuberculosis, gastritis, colitis, diphtheria, typhoid).

Now in the 21st century, the most reliably fatal conditions are strongly affected by lifestyle.

Cardiovascular diseases (like heart disease or stroke) still top the list. These are followed closely by: malignant neoplasms (cancerous tumors that can be triggered by environmental exposures and accelerated by neglect of emotional responses), accidents, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (often resulting from smoking), influenza and pneumonia, diabetes mellitus (for those afflicted, the self-management of behavior strongly affects the course of the disease), suicide, chronic liver diseases and cirrhosis (often following drug and alcohol abuse).

The more recent evolution of psycho physiological and behavioral medicine is called health psychology. This specialty within psychology identifies the correlates of health, diagnoses and treats certain chronic diseases, prevents illness, and modifies behavioral factors involved in physiological and psychological rehabilitation (e.g., lowering hypertension, controlling serum cholesterol levels, managing stress, alleviating pain, reduction of cigarette smoking and alcohol use, diet, and exercise). There is also a growing body of interdisciplinary research called psychoneuroimmunology (wherein psychological variables are known to directly change nerves and the body's immune system response to physical threats).

Human Enrichment practices psycho physiological and behavioral medicine in its enrichment process.

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